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The Indian Ocean has just what you need to re-enable that work life balance you have lost in the midst of the corporate world. Design Locations adds to the amazing experience of vast waters and endless horizons by providing you with resorts and spas enriched with the most lavish pampering. To sit back on the beach is all we ask of you, while we take your mind, body and soul on an inconceivable journey to private beaches and islands.

Do you believe there in a place that truly encompasses the zenith of luxury and relaxation? Design Locations has realized it for you in the Indian Ocean.


Travelling to the New World is every wanderers dream! Visiting the Americas for the love of culture, scenic beauty, experiencing local trends as well as art, music and literature are among the very few reasons why people from all over the world are enthusiastic about it. Design Locations has a key aim to enhance your encounter with this continent that lets you take in a vast range of different topographies and people. From sandy beaches soaking the sun to soaring high-rises, from sophisticated modern settings to resorts amidst the very nature, you can cherry-pick the surroundings that will make your holiday that is beyond your wildest dreams.
If you are in for the ride of your life, let Design Locations handle your travel arrangements for a remarkably memorable experience!


With a rich cultural heritage and a flair for the high life, Europe is any magnate’s ideal luxury vacation spot, and we, at Design Locations, sift out only the finest locales, fit for a king. Enjoy some spa coddling or laze around a quaint, private beach sunset; Europe boasts of quite a few scenic horizons and elitist resorts that we make available for our esteemed clients. You can sun bathe in a villa on an exotic Greek Island or enjoy the Aurora Borealis in the midst of a quiet haven surrounded by hot springs; the choices are endless!

Take a break and let us lather you in a gratifying and extravagant holiday at an exclusive resort or a world-class hotel in Europe!


Not many people are aware of the untouched splendor of Africa. Only the most daring and enthusiastic travelers visit this perilous, Bohemian land! Design Locations has a lot in store for you as we have conformed to the local architecture without compromising on comfort.

Our specialty is tapping into the natural beauty of the land and its culture to make it worth your while!

With deluxe resorts and A-list hotels that provide with views that take your breath away, Design Locations has the most exclusive African holiday in mind for you!

So if you are looking to pack your bags and let your heart take you to its desires, let us engulf you in an unimaginable experience of the world’s most beautiful natural settings!


Think Mughal, Czars and Emperors and you have reached the epoch of your travel dreams. Asia may be a part of Eurasia but Design Locations takes its inspiration from the cultural boundaries of this land that makes it the most popular global destination and dominant in regional tourism. With an array of cultures, rich in regional languages as well as foods and festivities, we invite you to stand amidst the luxury of Asia combined with our own reciprocation of the land like no other! You may already be inspired by the Orient but Design Locations has an entirely different plan for your vacation.
Give no second thought to becoming a part of this grand diversity and let us take the reins on this ride into the dynamism of Asia!


It goes without saying that the Middle East is known for its ethnic groups and their unique yet elitist lifestyle. We at Design Locations want you to experience this extravaganza at its best! For that we have an assortment of spas, pavilions, hotels, resorts as well as villas where you can indulge in the most spectacular holiday activities along with some remarkable time for relaxation.
If you are looking at the Middle East for a getaway, we are here to accentuate the abundance of the local culture for you. Design Locations presents to you a spectacular postern into a world you have never really known the way it really should be experienced!


With its many exuberant islands, Oceania is an area encapsulating the lands in the tropical region of the Pacific Ocean. Design Locations knows the great potential and tapped into the irresistible locality we call Oceania; a combination of breath-taking views of the insurmountable scenic beauty. To take you away from the troubles of daily life, Design Locations has it all planned out to make you forget you ever belonged to another place!
So if you have finally taken that brave step to venture in luxury and style, let Design Locations handle the rest! While you delve into the rare superfluities of Oceania’s most impressive and authentic resorts & spas, lodges and private lagoons, we have no doubt your reviews for us will be as delectable as our arrangements for you.